Women’s History Month: Athlete Profiles

For the past month, I have had the privilege of writing for SuperFit Hero. This company is a fitness brand that enables athletes to find quality clothing that is ethically produced and body positive.

As an athlete that does not find clothing that usually works for me, having something that makes me feel confident and comfortable at the same time. Any company that can validate an athlete, especially a non-conventional athlete, is something special.

SuperFit Hero had me write four profiles highlighting female athletes that have blazed a way for women to follow. I’ll be including the articles here. SuperFit Hero owns the articles themselves, but the written product is mine.

I am thankful for these women who simply, kicked ass, so that I had an opportunity  with my sports growing up: softball, judo and roller derby.

Surya Bonaly: Competitive and Olympic Figure Skating

Surya Bonaly, Athlete featured by Superfit Hero for Women's History Month


Mia Hamm: World Cup and Olympic Soccer

Mia Hamm, featured athlete on Superfit Hero Blog for Women's History Month


Gertrude Ederle: Competitive and Olympic Swimmer

Gertrude Ederle, first women to swim the English Channel, Superfit Hero blog


Nikki Franke: Olympic Fencer, Coach 

Nikki Franke, Hall of Fame Women's Fencing Coach at Temple University, Superfit Hero Women's History Month Blog


There is no shortage of inspiration here. Each woman I wrote about, the more in awe I was at their strength and their ability to overcome, persevere any number of issues: race, gender, physical disabilities, injuries  and so on.

Mia Hamm was honestly the only athlete I knew existed. I had friends recommend the other three, along with countless other athletes. I’m grateful for these athletes, and the ones that have followed in their wake. Each athlete has continued to make the world better place through mentoring, coaching and using their platform to help other female athletes moving forward.

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