About Deanna and Reluctantly Writing

Deanna Straw is a writer who also is a member of Ohio Roller Derby (OHRD) in Columbus, Ohio where she is the home announcer, helps the marketing team and writes when needed for various aspects of the league. She is married to a referee, Stray Taco. Final and Taco have several fur babies and a daughter, Indominus Hex, who also plays derby…the daughter not the fur babies.

Although relatively new to announcing for roller derby, Deanna or as her league mates call her Final Straw, she is finding a new love for her favorite sport. She falls back on her skills gained as a sports journalist and years of public speaking as a clergy member to help with this aspect of the amazingly fun job.

What is this blog about? Good question. She started this blog as a means to keep writing consistentaly, but that didn’t seem to work because she felt she was handcuffed to what she believed a blog “should” be: fun, experiences, fiction. What she has found is that she wants to write mostly about roller derby and grief. Unsure if there is an intersection between these two topics, it is what the blog is becoming organically. Rather than handcuff herself to what she thought a blog should be, she’s allowing it to become.

As far as Deanna is concerned, the world doesn’t talk enough about roller derby or grief. So why not give it a stage?